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Yep…I thought, “now where in the hell did those come from…”

I speak of wondering where the heck those tinies came from that I found in a box… the ones with the Cars the movie logo all over them….they must have been a gift from someone, which I appreciate, but you can’t really put down a rockin design on something that already has a design on it… well okay, sure you could, but for this conversation pretend you can’t and lets move forward.   Anyway, money gets tight and I thought I’m going to use these to play around with… this is Albert Einstein…a wonderful cartoonist drew the original, I can’t think of his name to save my life…just know I don’t come up with the designs (lord knows I wish I could, now that is some real art when you can do that…), but its a cute image so I through it up here for fun.    Time to make, about an hour…nothing too detailed.

Okay so that’s it for now… peace to your mama,




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