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Hey, I’m workin here….

yeah… so this is an old etch a sketch laying around the crib (yeah that’s how I talk)… anyway, you can see the old images in the background, but I thought I would do a little something with this one.  SO I decided to do something that is odd… its the signing of the Declaration of Independence.   Its not done, it needs lots of definition stuff done to it… you can see where I marked it with a pen so I know where I stopped (which might I add is a terrible problem for me… I’ll have lots of these types of projects sitting around waiting to be done someday and I go back to play, and then BOOM, mama can’t find the damn line).   Anyway…. its a work in its beginning stages… nope I will NOT BE ADDING FACES… forget that!  are you serious! I’m not that into this one.    photo 2


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