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Yet another Tiny…The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

2013-02-15 02.53.18 paintings-by-pierre-auguste-renoir-6


I started to make all the faces as you might be able to see, then I said “screw that”, you know… a sista is just farting around I’m not going to town on faces, so one has a beard and well whatever….  But for those of you, who like me, never really looked good and hard at this painting, notice that the chick on the lower left is UGLY… OH MY SHE has been beaten with the ugly stick, AND for you perverts, this is a wee bit lecherous… really whorish (feel free to take this time to look up the word lecherous if this is new to you, I’ll wait…hmmm hmmmm) okay we are back,…. so there you go,  a little art lesson by me…. there WILL be a test next week so please be ready.


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