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Here’s a lesson… enjoy and take through your life…share with the world…

You know its Christmas and people enjoy images of their babies saved with the help of fine aluminum powder in the form of an etch a sketch… well I’ve just started this image tonight…and please keep in mind I’m not a master at this art form, oh hell no… but there are some awesome etch a sketch artist who know how its done and really should be teaching you how to do this… but tough crap, they aren’t here so take what you get.

This is an example of trying to learn how to mess two colors dark and REALLY DARK (not the technical terminology of course)… the dog in this image has really dark areas and lighter areas, of which, in my opinion need to be colored to make the image look realistic.   So what I’m trying to learn, for myself, is to make marks in all the areas that need color, then I go and drain the etch a sketch, which usually (most often and rarely doesn’t) lightens the image.  This will leave me with a light color in those areas I want…allowing me to follow over the other areas to make it look BLACK like my ex boyfriends soul.   Well I hope.

The close up of the eye is the example I mean to make… that eye is almost black, but there is variation, so I make marks all through it… then I hope the draining of the etch a sketch doesn’t screw the pooch and allows me to go over it when its empty to make a realistic eye.    We shall see… finished image to come… you know, when a sista is done… stop pushing me…shesssh.  2012-12-09 01.46.21 2012-12-09 01.46.31image-1


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