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Why I’ve decided to call the process of fixing the etch a sketches to permanent : NEUTERING ….read below

It is quite often I’m asked, “what if you drop it”…. well if the sucker isn’t fixed (yes like a dog)…. well the Dega image wasn’t fixed yet… it was live (meaning it could still be shook and start over).  My sweet mother went to look at it after I asked if she liked it… she went to pick it up, and then she dropped the sucker….and it wasn’t like a simple drop that might leave a few lines on it for me to recover the image with some work…. NOPE, its dead… it was like falling off Mt. Everest turning one way or another on the way down.   The Image is dead… so to answer your question, if I drop it…well then the sucker is dead if its not fixed.


So like bob barker says… spay or neuter your etch a sketches ( which will now be my new expression of fixing them…. it will be called neutering.

Rest in Peace ‘Etching Dega’, you had a good run for 7 hours





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