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Edgar Dega….in the pocket…

This is a copy of Edgar Degas….The Dance Foyer at the Opera on the Rue Le Peletier….

I did this one in the pocket mini etch a sketch… I dig doing these allot actually.   One reason… they are cheaper… AMEN AMEN, they are cheaper…. Second… I think they are a little more challenging… Third…they take less time to fix the suckers to keep forever…. and Fourth… they take up less room in my closet for storage after they are done.

You might notice (if you even care)… that the lower left hand ballerina is bending over… is she doing that in the original?  Well hell no… I changed it because someone ran out of space and her head wasn’t going to work standing up…so tough ti ti… mama went for the change.

That is all for now… peace out and stop touching yourselves.

Love shea


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