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James Tissot…. Young woman in a boat

You have to love the title for the love of all that is holy… very very deep… young woman in a boat… never mentions the tiny dog in the background.

I truly always like to put something personal about the etching… this etch a sketch sucked… sometimes you buy crappy ones… some have very little powder inside and some of the screens are cheap in that they have waves in them… just not the same as they use to make them I guess.   However, when you pay for each one of these suckers and find that you can’t erase, you are hosed you have to make this one go work, if it doesn’t well tough tata’s….

So this one took about 5 hours to do…. prior to all the extra stuff you have to do to make it permanent.    By the way, I’ve included extra photos… you can see the difference between using a flash and not using a flash…  (wow that sounded dirty…alll righht)


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