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Sandro Botticellin… “The Birth of Venus”

bad… photo… not that my others rock, tough to take photos of these little suckers.   Anwho … this one took awhile… funny, not doing the image (with exception of going over it again after taking all the ‘dust’ of out here)… yep, you have to do the image one time, then one more time after you drain the main vein… anyway… this is actually on a pink etch a sketch (couldn’t find the red) not that you care… but I continually try new ways of preserving these, and one method I kept trying is to disconnect the wires inside the EAS (more shorting of etch a sketch)… this way I don’t have to glue the dials to keep kids from molesting the image.   So I cut the pee out of my thumb attempting to make this happen… didn’t work, plus if you look down at the bottom of the shell, it appears as if I wrote bitch, which was not an attempt, it was me trying to get the wires to discount.    Funny how bitch is what comes out of it all…   I’ll most likely try this image again to make it better… but first one this year.


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