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etching poop, what is that other image….?

The new etch a sketches don’t have quite as much of the lovely, all consuming aluminum powder, that goes EVERYWHERE when you open one of these bad boys up.  So here it is… remember when you were younger?  Yeah, don’t pretend your not old like a sista… anyway, the old days you could draw picture after picture and when you shook the screen, the image would disappear.  Well now, they have removed a great deal of the powder from the etches, so when I try one image and it sucks big donkey booty, then I erase, the last image sticks behind…. easy to erase on the computer, not so much to see in person.   It becomes a pain in the ass because it becomes pretty pricey to buy etch a sketches over and over and over again.    Well anyway, these two pieces are work in progress… because I have to throw stuff in the background to cover up the remnants of previous etching poop.  This is actually a super cool painting


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