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Do I save them?

Yep, I sure do…

Here’s a question I’m always asked… “Do you save them and how?”

Well I’ll tell you… I molested many etch a sketches before I found out how to do it… I wrote to other etch a sketch artist and NO ONE would write me back telling me the secret.    So here is what I do if you would like to keep one for yourself.

I have an etch a sketch ‘keeping kit’… it includes a small drill, two different size drill bits, a funnel, roll of tacky film (this is what I cover the sketch with prior to drilling into it).  Cork, other plugging devices (yeah, that sounds filthy I know), and red modeling paint and glue.
I drill from the bottom of the etch in two different places, then I gently, and I mean gently allow the aluminum powder to drain from the bottom gently tapping it until all the crap comes out the bottom.  This is a very very messy procedure, DONT DO IT INSIDE, wear gloves as well…it gets everywhere and on everything (this is why I protect the etch-a-sketch with a tacky film)…

so that’s as much as I’m giving you kids right now… enjoy your own destructive side and buy some etches online and work the magic for yo self baby.

Kisses always and forever



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  1. I don’t think you asked me…

    August 17, 2011 at 10:32 am

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