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Welcome to my etch a sketch art page

Welcome... and stuff... this is my page "O" etches... Yep I do these waaaaay to often, and have spent WAAAAY too much money on etch a sketches. You, like many of my friends, may this normal for a woman my age? Of course its not normal! shessh, BUT it is a booty-load of fun... (and yes, that is the formal definition, BOOTY-LOAD)... Anyway, here is my stuff... thanks for visiting, enjoy yourself, just keep it clean, and tip your waitress on your way out. love always and forever, Shea







Money sucka

Sometimes the art we make goes right into the crapper…though, you have spent so much flippen time on it…that crap is being shown one way or another…so here it is…for now.  This one doesn’t photograph well, nor does a certain presidents nose seem to represent his true nose…soooooooo, this one is almost destined to be shaken to death, but since I put tons of time into it…I’m sharing, so there.  I would normally , clean it up and make it pretty but I felt disgusted, so being the woman I am… I said “screw it”.


Yoda with HORNS by accident

Dammit…seriously, sometimes you try to make some magic with ye ol sketch and what happens, you notice that you’ve inadvertently created devil horns on Yoda’s head.   What horse crap…so I don’t believe he will make it, meaning he will be shook to death fairly soon, and then try something else…unless I decide to try and make it work, then I’ll add the details it needs to make it much much better.   See these things happen…now was I drinking, no…? well, wait a minute I did just start a beer, but that wasn’t while I was creating this…so no…but yes…listen don’t judge me.  IMG_1306

da pope

I never kept this one… honestly I feel a little funky about posting it because I’m not overly proud of it…primarily because I thought his face looks a little creepy.  Hear me people, its all in the eyes when you make a portrait etch a sketch..and if you don’t totally get it, you can get a creepy looking image.  But it took me hours, so enjoy. 3

Ghostbusters etching

This is the crappiest photo…but I’ll replace it soon… if you look closely you’ll see I’m totally naked in this photo…okay I’m not, but made you look.  Ghost busters baby…IMG_1017

Indiana Jones…

Ah…just for the poo’s and giggles of it…

I’m always looking for something to play around with and ye ol Indiana Jones was my latest thought… old movie posters had these super cool images on them, and that’s where I got this one from… okay peace out.


John wayne…

Just playing around one night…i found this cool image of John Wayne…can’t remember the name of the original artist, but its awesome… (I know, nice right?  Can’t remember the damn artist… anyway, get over it)….but this was a quickie, maybe took a couple of hours (which IS a quickie, with regards to doing etch a sketches anyway…).   This is my go-to travel etch a sketch… I use this often to play around with images,because it works so well… so I won’t keep this image, but it was a fun one, so the website gets it for now.


IRON MAN SUCKA…(I don’t know why sucka, but just go with it…)

Yep its iron man…not my favorite I’ve ever done so I don’t know if I’ll keep this one (meaning he might get SHOOK sooner or later)…but this all I intend to do for now….



Sometimes I just fart around with the etch a sketch…NO not literally1 fart around, what are you a freak?  I wanted to do something fun for myself and here is the Muppets Christmas Carol.

I did a weekend of faces…ALL two of them

Just faces…nothing special about it… I will say this, I would never add these letters again to the Carson etch a sketch….oh hell no, sometimes they come out looking terrible and this is an example.  shessssh.  3 4 5

Comic book stuff….

Okay this is someone else’s design and for the love of all that is holy I don’t know the name of the artist… I like to give credit where credit is deserved.  Anywho… its comic book stuff and this one took a long fricken time…maybe two days.   So now I have to save the sucker… it takes hours to go back over the image after I drain the aluminum powder… HOURS.  3

How I save them… tell your mama


I’m often asked, “how do you save them… and why are you soooo sexy?”….okay maybe not the first part, but here is how I do it… now there are others who save them differently.  Some use dremels or other electric saws, etc…. this is a difficult way, because you have to be super careful to get all that powder out of the sucker, and then I have to glue the knobs down to keep people from playing with the image… but this is my way, not the best but what can you works.    Feel free to ask questions, I’m willing to share…when I started doing these things years ago I would write to etch a sketch artist and ask how they did it, NO ONE would tell me…buttholes, so now I share with you.    Damn I’m sweet and sexy.

Anway, here it is… this is the American Gothic image….

Part 1-5

Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 3.47.11 AMScreen shot 2014-09-07 at 3.47.46 AMScreen shot 2014-09-07 at 3.48.03 AMScreen shot 2014-09-07 at 3.48.17 AMScreen shot 2014-09-07 at 3.47.31 AM


American Gothic recreation

This is from the painting of Grant Wood’s American Gothic… I’ll will take a better picture later, tonight I’m a little tired and my thumb hurts. Yeah that’s right my thumb hurts, doing these on their side is such a pain in the booty, because I’m not use to looking at these images and creating something from it being on its side. Honestly I put the original image on its side and that’s how I create on the side images, still learning…anywho, it makes me do something different with the knobs (hahhahaha yeah there is a pervy joke in there)… but it hurts my thumb, so I need a thumb massage.

time to create: I would guess around 8 hours. American Gothic

M.C. Escher Bond of Union

So I keep trying to do some M.C. Escher stuff…. little tough honestly and this isn’t my favorite piece… it tells you lots when you show it to your mother (the woman who loves anything I do…seriously, If I made art with my poo she would love it)…though this time she said, “yeah that’s neat”….meaning she didn’t dig it…. I cried a bit, then ate some fattening things and now I feel better.   I’ll try again soon…mc-escher-wallpaper-1 photo 2-31


Queen of England Postal stamp

Queen of England Postal stamp

So I’m still learning how to do etch a sketches length ways… I’ve always had a bitch of a time doing this, because I have to place an image on its side for me to be able to make it work, so its like looking at an image in a totally different way…its a bitch (sorry for the potty language…don’t worry I’m catholic I can go to confession)…..anyway, its getting better, soon I’ll have it down and then WATCH OUT the naked etch a sketches will be NEXT. Okay maybe no… no definitely not… well I don’t know maybe…no no no naked etchings.

Yep…I thought, “now where in the hell did those come from…”

I speak of wondering where the heck those tinies came from that I found in a box… the ones with the Cars the movie logo all over them….they must have been a gift from someone, which I appreciate, but you can’t really put down a rockin design on something that already has a design on it… well okay, sure you could, but for this conversation pretend you can’t and lets move forward.   Anyway, money gets tight and I thought I’m going to use these to play around with… this is Albert Einstein…a wonderful cartoonist drew the original, I can’t think of his name to save my life…just know I don’t come up with the designs (lord knows I wish I could, now that is some real art when you can do that…), but its a cute image so I through it up here for fun.    Time to make, about an hour…nothing too detailed.

Okay so that’s it for now… peace to your mama,



A little Christmas for YE….

So I’ve noticed I can’t photographs these suckers to save my life…sorry for the quality of the photography here, but the glare is such a butthole to deal with ….anyway, its the Coca Cola Santa…Image

Damn he’s too old…

Working a newbie…its not done… when I empty the sucker, the lines that are around the face (which seem to be too much) will become faded…as once you empty an etch a sketch, the image becomes fully faded and that’s why you have to run over each line again and again to make it darker)… well if I’m right those lines will fade, making it seem more under the skin… granted, this could be total horse dookey, it could stay dark when its done and then, well it will suck….but I’ll hope for the best.    Anyway, its a work in progress… lots and lots of darkening and beardphoto-7 to make.

Edouard Manet sucka

So this is Edouard Manets piece called The Bar at the Folies Bergere…. I couldn’t find a good etch a sketch for this one, so I’m not keeping this image and may redo it soon… but its fun and one of my favorite painters.  The thing with finding a good etch a sketch if you do these, is that finding a good etch a sketch where the lines are good, the stylist on the inside actually makes a dark line etc… makes the world of difference for me if I’m wanting to put great detail into something…otherwise, its frustrating that you can’t get the bloody thing to work well cause you got a dud… not like you can take it back to the store and say, “oh I’m sorry, my images are just not turning out well cause the lines suck”… yeah, that makes sense to people.  SO sometimes you end up paying money for a dud… but what can you do.  That’s it for now… peace to yo mamaphoto-4

Hey, I’m workin here….

yeah… so this is an old etch a sketch laying around the crib (yeah that’s how I talk)… anyway, you can see the old images in the background, but I thought I would do a little something with this one.  SO I decided to do something that is odd… its the signing of the Declaration of Independence.   Its not done, it needs lots of definition stuff done to it… you can see where I marked it with a pen so I know where I stopped (which might I add is a terrible problem for me… I’ll have lots of these types of projects sitting around waiting to be done someday and I go back to play, and then BOOM, mama can’t find the damn line).   Anyway…. its a work in its beginning stages… nope I will NOT BE ADDING FACES… forget that!  are you serious! I’m not that into this one.    photo 2


Kentucky Tourism image…


Honestly, I hate writing words with an etch a sketch… seriously, when people say to me, “I can barely write my name on an etch a sketch..” I totally agree… words are really difficult for me…

superman tiny… this was a request and so it goes…

photo 2-1 photo 1-1

I leave the hand in there so you can see how small these suckers are… heheheheh that could be dirty if you want it to be…. hheheh

Harry Dean Stanton Fest


This is a submission piece for the Harry Dean Stanton Fest… something fun and good timey… that’s right I said timey… anyway, there it is…sorry nothing else to say about it… I hate when I don’t have fun stuff to mention but we can’t bat a thousand all the time.


2013-03-20 03.08.36 2013-03-20 03.08.28

Yet another Tiny…The Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

2013-02-15 02.53.18 paintings-by-pierre-auguste-renoir-6


I started to make all the faces as you might be able to see, then I said “screw that”, you know… a sista is just farting around I’m not going to town on faces, so one has a beard and well whatever….  But for those of you, who like me, never really looked good and hard at this painting, notice that the chick on the lower left is UGLY… OH MY SHE has been beaten with the ugly stick, AND for you perverts, this is a wee bit lecherous… really whorish (feel free to take this time to look up the word lecherous if this is new to you, I’ll wait…hmmm hmmmm) okay we are back,…. so there you go,  a little art lesson by me…. there WILL be a test next week so please be ready.

André Cassagnes… passes away (creator of the etch a sketch)

RIP André Cassagnes... creator of the etch a sketch

RIP André Cassagnes… creator of the etch a sketch

work in progress

So when I was emptying the powder for this sucker I couldn’t find my gloves, thought to myself, “hey, I’ve done this tons of times…this wont be an issue I’ll be fine”, nope…that crap was ALLLLL over… once again, here is my public service announcement if you are making your own etch a sketch art… when you empty the sucker, where gloves and for the love of God do it outside, otherwise everything you have will be covered in aluminum powder and its tough to get rid of… though I have a secret.     Anywho, i was asked to do this image and see here it is… Bill Murray… 2013-01-16 09.57.34 2013-01-16 09.57.43

2012-12-21 03.00.03

Damn it damn it… seriously, this one was going so well… but then I needed to shade it like a bloody moron…. nope, now it looks like Kennedy is a creeper with dark eyes… see what happens when you try something new?  Damn it… I’m glad I have you guys so I can share my issues with you… it’s this or therapy…and therapy is far too expensive.    Anyway, for the sake of acknowledgement, this has been edited on the sides, because this is an old etch a sketch and you could see old images of Santa or something in the sucker… so I erased it… the image is crapola, but the background is edited… so take that.  I won’t keep this one, but I thought I would share… peace to your mama.



Old sucker…

So I have a huge box filled with old etch a sketches… I mostly save them to experiment with … you can see the transition of how I would save them from the beginning to how I save the image now… some are really messed up and funky baby …anyway, I found this old one that was never saved and never erased … ITS A MIRACLE OH LORD IN HEAVEN… okay maybe not that much of a miracle… but here it is… might be a year or two old. 2012-12-13 23.59.33

Here’s a lesson… enjoy and take through your life…share with the world…

You know its Christmas and people enjoy images of their babies saved with the help of fine aluminum powder in the form of an etch a sketch… well I’ve just started this image tonight…and please keep in mind I’m not a master at this art form, oh hell no… but there are some awesome etch a sketch artist who know how its done and really should be teaching you how to do this… but tough crap, they aren’t here so take what you get.

This is an example of trying to learn how to mess two colors dark and REALLY DARK (not the technical terminology of course)… the dog in this image has really dark areas and lighter areas, of which, in my opinion need to be colored to make the image look realistic.   So what I’m trying to learn, for myself, is to make marks in all the areas that need color, then I go and drain the etch a sketch, which usually (most often and rarely doesn’t) lightens the image.  This will leave me with a light color in those areas I want…allowing me to follow over the other areas to make it look BLACK like my ex boyfriends soul.   Well I hope.

The close up of the eye is the example I mean to make… that eye is almost black, but there is variation, so I make marks all through it… then I hope the draining of the etch a sketch doesn’t screw the pooch and allows me to go over it when its empty to make a realistic eye.    We shall see… finished image to come… you know, when a sista is done… stop pushing me…shesssh.  2012-12-09 01.46.21 2012-12-09 01.46.31image-1

Damn it! Second time this week

Here is a perfect example of how you can spend time (and for this one it wasn’t much) but you spend all this time to do these things, then go to drain it and the drill hits the wire that holds the knobs controlling your ability to make the etch a sketch…
see if that happens when I drill these little suckers I can’t go over the image again, which is a mandatory thing, because the damn aluminum dust goes everywhere and lessen the image.  Meaning, if someone has ordered this or I actually like what I did, I have to do it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over again on another etch a sketch, $15 down the bloody drain and pissiness ensues for the day.   I have to just throw the damn thing away…. poo poo butt (see for those of you who know me, you know that I held back the true words I would like to use, boy I’m a good catholic after all).   

Halo… Master Chief


This was a request from someone for a Christmas gift… not normally something I would do on my own, but I thought it was lots of fun.   That’s right, I said lots of fun like a big ol dork…

Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Here is what you need to know about this… you can see from the added image of Giovanni Paolo Pannini’s “picture gallery with views of modern Rome”…. there are supposed to be people in this sucker… but, I didn’t get the portions correct, as I started on the right side… meaning to throw the people in there would be confusing ….so this isn’t the best… but damn it took hours and days to finish, because I couldn’t sit through it any longer than a couple of hours at a time.    When I save it… it will be darker because I have to go over every line again and again.  then it will sit in my closet in a box until the time of my death or someone wants to buy it in exchange off paying off my student loans someday…. just a thought

Just farting around…


Okay so not literally farting around, God you people are gross… just playing tonight… pulled out on of the tiny’s (this is what I call the pocket etch a sketches, not the formal name… but if etch a sketch wanted to steal it from me I wouldn’t be upset)… anyway, I just farting around.

Just a pup

Did this for my vet… not one of my bests… but its alright.  Seriously, there are some awesome etch-a-sketch artist out there who take “THE TIME” and do each little tiny piece of hair, its amazing, but a sista really didn’t care that much so this is what you get…a quickie… YOUR WELCOME.

Why I’ve decided to call the process of fixing the etch a sketches to permanent : NEUTERING ….read below

It is quite often I’m asked, “what if you drop it”…. well if the sucker isn’t fixed (yes like a dog)…. well the Dega image wasn’t fixed yet… it was live (meaning it could still be shook and start over).  My sweet mother went to look at it after I asked if she liked it… she went to pick it up, and then she dropped the sucker….and it wasn’t like a simple drop that might leave a few lines on it for me to recover the image with some work…. NOPE, its dead… it was like falling off Mt. Everest turning one way or another on the way down.   The Image is dead… so to answer your question, if I drop it…well then the sucker is dead if its not fixed.


So like bob barker says… spay or neuter your etch a sketches ( which will now be my new expression of fixing them…. it will be called neutering.

Rest in Peace ‘Etching Dega’, you had a good run for 7 hours




Edgar Dega….in the pocket…

This is a copy of Edgar Degas….The Dance Foyer at the Opera on the Rue Le Peletier….

I did this one in the pocket mini etch a sketch… I dig doing these allot actually.   One reason… they are cheaper… AMEN AMEN, they are cheaper…. Second… I think they are a little more challenging… Third…they take less time to fix the suckers to keep forever…. and Fourth… they take up less room in my closet for storage after they are done.

You might notice (if you even care)… that the lower left hand ballerina is bending over… is she doing that in the original?  Well hell no… I changed it because someone ran out of space and her head wasn’t going to work standing up…so tough ti ti… mama went for the change.

That is all for now… peace out and stop touching yourselves.

Love shea

James Tissot…. Young woman in a boat

You have to love the title for the love of all that is holy… very very deep… young woman in a boat… never mentions the tiny dog in the background.

I truly always like to put something personal about the etching… this etch a sketch sucked… sometimes you buy crappy ones… some have very little powder inside and some of the screens are cheap in that they have waves in them… just not the same as they use to make them I guess.   However, when you pay for each one of these suckers and find that you can’t erase, you are hosed you have to make this one go work, if it doesn’t well tough tata’s….

So this one took about 5 hours to do…. prior to all the extra stuff you have to do to make it permanent.    By the way, I’ve included extra photos… you can see the difference between using a flash and not using a flash…  (wow that sounded dirty…alll righht)

New tiny…

I call them tiny’s (I know, I’m a rebel)…. but really this is the pocket etch a sketch… its tiny and the image is tiny that’s why they are called tiny’s…    Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that doing pocket etches might be more fun (though I have to use a magnifying glass)…. and cheaper.   Lets talk about how expensive this is… good lord, I try buying them everywhere that makes them cheaper… seriously, I have etch-a-sketches with the most ridiculous crap on them, like CARS the movie crap… tough, but sometimes that is all you can find.

took about 2 hours


Yet again… if I could just learn NOT TO PUT SO MUCH DETAIL in these things… just gets so difficult to see the image.   See this is a learning experience… I find an image I love and then the painting has so many little things I want to put into an etch, then as I’m starting to complete the sucker, I realize its too damn much.   Anyway… now you know the rest of the story. 

Some derby action…

This is my version of Rick Rush’s ‘Kentucky Derby-Clubhouse Turn”…. this is an example of a piece that frustrates me… I re-did it a couple of times, you can see the original lines… because I made one of the horses a wee bit of a porker… then I decided to do the shading and hated it… so here is the image pre-shading and post-shading.   Sucka





Sandro Botticellin… “The Birth of Venus”

bad… photo… not that my others rock, tough to take photos of these little suckers.   Anwho … this one took awhile… funny, not doing the image (with exception of going over it again after taking all the ‘dust’ of out here)… yep, you have to do the image one time, then one more time after you drain the main vein… anyway… this is actually on a pink etch a sketch (couldn’t find the red) not that you care… but I continually try new ways of preserving these, and one method I kept trying is to disconnect the wires inside the EAS (more shorting of etch a sketch)… this way I don’t have to glue the dials to keep kids from molesting the image.   So I cut the pee out of my thumb attempting to make this happen… didn’t work, plus if you look down at the bottom of the shell, it appears as if I wrote bitch, which was not an attempt, it was me trying to get the wires to discount.    Funny how bitch is what comes out of it all…   I’ll most likely try this image again to make it better… but first one this year.


Thought I would rock some Santa action… still I need to learn that too much detail can make the images tough to see

Christmas stuff… Yo!

I’m workin here for God sakes….

I am working on this sucker… I’ve always wanted to do this one, but its time-consuming …. any who this is a Giovanni Panini painting…more to come when I get a chance… peace out


This was a quicky… no not THAT kind… pervs

This was a cute piece of art I found on the net (that’s right I have mad skills when it comes to speaking the language of the kids)… anyway the artist is Christian Nauck… he’s got some cool images… anywho, didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but it took an hour so suck the big one.   Love shea

Redone…Last Supper

Okay, so I redid this one…

Horse poo

Seriously, this is not my favorite… in fact the entire “fixin the sucker process” went to the crapper… but none the less here it is….

I shall make up for it soon with another project.   


Draw Poker or rather Etch a sketch poker… hahahhaa, okey dorkey I know

Soooo… I love this artist… his name is Andy Thomas

Anyway, this is from his painting called Draw Poker…

etching poop, what is that other image….?

The new etch a sketches don’t have quite as much of the lovely, all consuming aluminum powder, that goes EVERYWHERE when you open one of these bad boys up.  So here it is… remember when you were younger?  Yeah, don’t pretend your not old like a sista… anyway, the old days you could draw picture after picture and when you shook the screen, the image would disappear.  Well now, they have removed a great deal of the powder from the etches, so when I try one image and it sucks big donkey booty, then I erase, the last image sticks behind…. easy to erase on the computer, not so much to see in person.   It becomes a pain in the ass because it becomes pretty pricey to buy etch a sketches over and over and over again.    Well anyway, these two pieces are work in progress… because I have to throw stuff in the background to cover up the remnants of previous etching poop.  This is actually a super cool painting


Work in progress

I decided to rock out a work in progress… damn that sounds awesome… anyway, I usually like to finish these in one sitting but good lord mama’s hands are killing her… anyway, I thought I would take this image of the middle of a project, then I’ll finish later.

Washington letting others row row row the boat…

Yeah, okay I know how dorky that title is… but hey, for the three of you who check this site out every now and then, I bring you a little something something….

Peace to your mama

There was a butt….

Okay for the sake of full disclosure… I feel the need to let you know I used the fine art of “computer correction” to erase part of a previous image on this tiny etch a sketch.  It was the image of a naked dude (from the back side, not quite as dirty as some of you may dig)…anyway, its been erased from the blank section of the etch a sketch.   Okay peace out

Elephants drinking… “drinking problem”

This is originally by a fabulous artist I can’t think of his name to save my life… but his animal art is awesome.  Anyway, I thought this was charming so this is what you get.

time to complete: 1 hr

Do I save them?

Yep, I sure do…

Here’s a question I’m always asked… “Do you save them and how?”

Well I’ll tell you… I molested many etch a sketches before I found out how to do it… I wrote to other etch a sketch artist and NO ONE would write me back telling me the secret.    So here is what I do if you would like to keep one for yourself.

I have an etch a sketch ‘keeping kit’… it includes a small drill, two different size drill bits, a funnel, roll of tacky film (this is what I cover the sketch with prior to drilling into it).  Cork, other plugging devices (yeah, that sounds filthy I know), and red modeling paint and glue.
I drill from the bottom of the etch in two different places, then I gently, and I mean gently allow the aluminum powder to drain from the bottom gently tapping it until all the crap comes out the bottom.  This is a very very messy procedure, DONT DO IT INSIDE, wear gloves as well…it gets everywhere and on everything (this is why I protect the etch-a-sketch with a tacky film)…

so that’s as much as I’m giving you kids right now… enjoy your own destructive side and buy some etches online and work the magic for yo self baby.

Kisses always and forever



Brand new etch a sketches… bought ten tiny ones…

Music yo…


I love working on the small etch a sketches…but they are less forgiving when it comes to re-doing an image… the bigger ones allow you to shake them then go over them again and again… more difficult in tiny form baby…

pocket etch a sketch work…

Streets of San Fran HRs: 3-4

Here is an example of too much detail to see via the internet … so I’ve encluded a couple of angles, maybe it will help… and maybe I need a better camera

Originally by Raphael

Original by Raphael/ School of Athens Hrs:8+

Here’s yet another pocket etch a sketch… the first one I tried


FERNANDO BOTERO's ballerina Hrs: 1

Just Freud

So this is just for fun... Hrs:1

Norman Rockwells road block

Road Block

This is Norman Rockwells painting called Road Block HRs:6-7

Indian Chief

Sorry the best name Ive got for him

Indian Chief, original artist is unknown to me.. Hrs:8

Creation of Adam minus the wenier

The Creation of Adam

Hrs: 3 this was one of my earliest etches

The Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam, Hour: 2

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